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What is heynanny?
Who are we?
heynanny is a nanny portal for the placement of trustworthy and qualified childcare.
Can I book even if my company has not purchased heynanny as a benefit and what will it cost me?
No - we can only be booked via company accounts. Feel free to talk to your HR department and pass on our contact, then we will send you a suitable offer.
How can I book a nanny?
Register on our website with a few details. Then you can view all available nannies based on your location, your filter details and the childcare time you need. Check the profiles and choose together with your kids. Within a short time you will receive a confirmation and can then relax. We will send your address to the nanny and the heynanny fee will be paid easily online. If you would like to have additional nanny offers you have the possibility to place an ad on our website.
Can I always book the same nanny?
Absolutely. With a little flexibility and a look at your last bookings, a new booking is possible again. In the event that the dates do not fit together, all other nannies are of course available to you.
How short notice can I book?
The earlier you book, the more choice and free time slots of our nannies you have. Since we also want to give you short-term support, we make sure that we have enough flexible and spontaneous nannies in our network. Your date request will be confirmed at short notice if the booking is suitable. So that you can (re)plan quickly. The payment for short-term bookings is possible up to one hour before the appointment.
Tax advantages
If the employees themselves pay for the childcare expenses, these can be deducted from their taxes. Incidentally, it is a prerequisite that a receipt is available and the payment is made as a bank transfer. These conditions are always met at our company.
Our prices
We work with fair payment for qualified childcare. The hourly wage is at least 12€ and is determined individually by the nanny. For express bookings (<12h) the nanny receives 5€/h extra. The minimum booking time is 1 hour, all travel costs to and from the nanny are already included. Companies can purchase our platform as a premium version for all employees. Unlimited messages, prioritized booking requests 24/7, regular care and emergency care within the same day are fully usable without additional service costs. In another mode, companies can also take over the full nanny hourly wages for their employees, claiming tax allowances of up to €1,400/employee/year. We are happy to advise:
You have to cancel your booked nanny? This can happen, a cancellation of the agreed appointment is then directly in your profile on The cancellation of the booking is done directly in the profile.  

If the cancellation is made up to 24 hours before the booked appointment, we will refund you the full cost. The same applies if the nanny does not appear on the booked date or cancels beforehand.
In which cities is heynannyly available?
We are available throughout Germany, even outside the major cities in more rural regions.
Safety & Quality
How are the nannies tested?
We check the identity of all nannies by means of the identity card and request an extended certificate of good conduct. The proof can be viewed in the nanny's profile. A successfully passed video interview is also required for acceptance as a super nanny into the network. Our quality promise: Only those we would book ourselves for our own kids, we also accept into our network.
Is the nanny insured?
All our nannies are insured by us during the booked heynanny time. The full protection for on the road and at your home. The expensive vase is accidentally broken or there is an accident in the household or when picking up from daycare? Don't worry, we are there for you. We've got personal injury, property damage and financial loss covered.
How does heynanny ensure the diversity of nannies?
At heynanny, we are proud of the diversity of our childcare services - not only in terms of the wide range of activities and services, but especially in terms of the diverse personalities of our nannies.  We welcome everyone regardless of age, gender, origin, disability, religion, nationality or sexual orientation. For our seniors, we also provide extra access outside the app to eliminate any potential hurdle due to technical operation.
What happens in the event of damage?
Report the damage directly to We will contact the insurer as soon as possible so that the issue can be resolved immediately.
Feedback & Settings
How can I give feedback on a booking?
We are currently working on a 5-star rating system.
My question was not answered here. What now?
Well, just text us at
Being a nanny
How can I become a nanny (m/f/d)?
Simply register here: heynanny

We will then automatically guide you through the individual registration steps. Please have your ID ready, which we need for the identity check. At the end of the registration process you can easily make a video of yourself online without any preparation. The goal is to get to know you personally and hear more about you and your previous experience and motivation for babysitting. After the video evaluation and completion of your profile, you will receive from us in the best case a confirmation and activation in our network. Now you can make your profile pretty and update your calendar. And then it can already start... We wish you many great bookings and are happy to continue to be there for you.

You also have the opportunity to become a super nanny. If you can show relevant previous experience, for example through pedagogical training, you can be verified via an interview to become a super nanny. Your profile will then be shown to parents first when they are looking for a nanny.
Where can I apply for an extended certificate of good conduct?
During the registration process, we also ask for the extended police clearance certificate, which you can upload in your profile. The application is now easily possible online via the Federal Central Register: Application certificate of good conduct. Please consider the application and the processing fee of 13€ as an investment for your future jobs, as we cannot give you a refund. If you already have an extended certificate of good conduct that is not older than 2 years, you can of course also upload it.
What is the best way to create the video for my profile?
Very simple and very authentic - show yourself exactly as you are. With your cell phone camera, you can briefly introduce yourself in 1.5-2 minutes and tell us what kind of babysitting experience you already have (for example, did you used to babysit your siblings, do you have kids of your own, or are you perhaps even a trained educator?), what you like to do with the kids, and what is important to you. Are you the world's best reader, or more the adventure playground type, or maybe the Lego queen? When recording, please make sure you have enough light, good sound and landscape format. If you're offering different languages, feel free to take the last 2-3 sentences to show what you can do linguistically. This is especially interesting for our expat parents and also for children who grow up multilingual.
Why work with heynanny?
Because you can introduce yourself to us individually with a personal video. And you can do this directly with the kids. You don't have to be able to read to know after watching the video whether they can have fun with you and look forward to spending time with you. In addition, we offer you a very fair hourly wage, insurance coverage during your nanny assignment and also on the way with the kids (pick-up from daycare, transport to sports classes, etc.). We also offer you a safe space for your activity through our network and through the registration of mothers and fathers. And we keep up with the times - short agreements, chats and direct calendar entries all via (web) app on the go.
How quickly should I respond to booking requests?
We would like to make it possible for requesting moms and dads to make an appointment at short notice. Therefore, when you register, we ask if you would like to be bookable on short notice within the same day. A regular look at your cell phone is obligatory in this case, however, in order not to lose any orders. If you do not confirm your booking request quickly enough, it may happen that the parents ask for another nanny. In this case you will lose the order again. Short-term bookability means money and is really worth it - in addition to your hourly wage you get an extra 5€ express bonus per hour. We specially mark corresponding booking requests so that you are aware.
How am I insured?
You are covered by commercial liability insurance through us during your heynanny activity. Whatever goes wrong in the household of your clients or on the way from the kindergarten or school, sports club, etc., you can be sure that you are covered. Do not worry! All major damages are covered by us, a deductible of 100€ remains.
I already have a business license. What do I have to do? Where do I indicate this?
On your profile we ask you directly for this information. So you can check it directly and we and also the booking mothers and fathers know immediately.
I do not fall under the Small Business Act with my business. What do I have to do?
In this case, please contact us immediately:
I need a registration via the Minijob-Center. What do I have to do?
If you do not have your own trade license, that is no problem. We ask you to check the box "I work on a mini-job basis" on your nanny profile. This way, parents know when booking that they have to register with the Minijob-Center. You can find more information here: Minijob-Center
How do I get my money?
You will receive your hourly wage easily and reliably via our online payment provider.
What do I do if I didn't feel comfortable with an assignment or something happened (accident/dispute, etc.)?
We hope not for your sake that something like this will happen. However, if something happens that you don't expect and don't know how to deal with it - contact directly. We will try to find a good solution for you as soon as possible and support you.
How should I prepare for caregiving?
Please plan for your care time enough drinks and if necessary a small snack, which you bring yourself. Our service for the parents also means that they do not have to prepare anything for you. Make sure that you don't bring any sweets or unhealthy crisps/coke, which the kids might want to have. If you are on duty for a few hours, it would be great if you plan your meals completely outside of the supervision.
I am sick and cannot fulfill my assignment at short notice. What now?
This can always happen and first and foremost we wish you a quick and good recovery. You should cancel the scheduled appointment on our website as early as possible. The sooner you can cancel the appointment, the easier it is to find a good replacement. We recommend that you not only cancel the appointment, but also send a personal message to the parents. For quality reasons we reserve the right to inquire within 24h in case of an unfounded cancellation and if necessary also to exclude you from the network.
I am mega flexible and can imagine being available on short notice. What do I have to do?
Wonderful, then please register normally and indicate your willingness for short-term assignments during the registration process. We will then book you for cancelled nanny care times and short-term within the same day in addition to your regular jobs and automatically increase your hourly wage for the special units with 5€/hour, so that it is all the more worthwhile for you.
How do I get reimbursed for the cost of the Johanniter first aid course?
From the 5th booking that you have generated after the course, we will reimburse you for the cost of the course. Simply send your payment receipt for the course and the receipts for the five completed bookings to
My question was not answered here. What now?
Well, just write to us at
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