Help us make
the future b cd fof work
a reality for everybody
We are the ultimate solution for a family-friendly, forward-thinking employer brand.
Who can become  a partner
IT consultants, HR services
and coaching fields, etc
Professional services companies
Leaders that gain inspiration
from HR-related issues
Introduce us to HR professionals who are looking to turn their company into the ultimate family-friendly workplace
Help companies in your network discover the tech solution that will change the way we care for each other.
Refer qualified leads to us, and we'll do the rest
Inspire companies around the world that we are the secret weapon for a family-friendly, forward-thinking employer brand.
Earn commission on referrals.
Benefits of being
a b partner
Our partner program is designed for companies or individuals that want to help their clients be the family-friendly workplace everyone wants to work for and best of all earn extra income by bringing value to companies all sizes.
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